Technology Training by Fantastech Computer Services

From first time beginners to power users looking for that next great solution, we have private classes to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that any skill level user will feel comfortable in. Personalized one on one classes is where computer and tablet users shine. No two people use computers or hand held devices the same. Devices are so customizable that only tailored learning environments can provide the maximum level of growth. We explain things in easy to understand lessons that help even the newest user understand and use their devices for what they are designed to do. To help us be productive, social and feel connected to the world around us.
We offer Technology Training on everything from “how to use a computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV to Helping you use Skype, Youtube, Facebook,and more. Many seniors have used our training service to help them reconnect with their children or grandchildren in another state by using Skype to not only hear, but also see their loved ones with the aid of a small inexpensive web camera. Call us today and we’ll get you started enjoying your devices in a new way!
computer and technology training by Fantastech

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