Upgrading or Re-installation of Operating Systems

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Upgrading or Re-Installation of Operating Systems

Upgrading or Re-installation of operating systems

We are experts at Upgrading or Re-installation of Operating Systems.

Are you using an older version of Microsoft Windows and want to upgrade to the newest version?

Running the most current version of Microsoft Windows is highly recommended. As older version of Windows are no longer updated to fix security holes, bugs and errors, they are more likely to expose you to a hacker, virus or other malware.

Upgrading or Re-installation of operating systems

Did your hard drive crash and now your computer will not start up?

It’s a fact of life that PCs invariably get slower with age. Even if you decide to give your computer a spring clean, defragmenting the disk and uninstalling software that you don’t use, rarely will it end up as good as new. However, reinstalling Windows will restore it to its former glory. Re-installation might also be the only solution if your PC refuses to boot, system restore won’t work, and you’ve been able to discount any hardware fault. Reinstalling Windows is also necessary if you decide to swap your hard disk for a new one.

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